Week in Pictures: An unwanted friend, nosy Human and a new bling

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Sintra the cat loves playing game for cats on his iPad

It has been awhile since Human I posted my last blog post. It has been a long, busy week for me with a lots of new events and adventures. First of, have I told you how I love playing game for cats on my iPad? I have, haven’t I? Well, I still do!


Sintra the cat falls a sleep after having some ice cream

Springtime, like other seasons, always makes me very sleepy. As I was napping, Human woke me for some of my favorite ice cream. I suddenly wake up, alright. I loved ice cream but then again, I was so sleepy, I fell asleep right after.


Sintra the cat loves taking naps and chilling with Rusty the rat

Talking about napping in the springtime. I love, love taking naps and chilling with one of my besties, Rusty the rat. Human brought Rusty with her when she picked me up from my foster family. So, Rusty is my very best bestie and I like Rusty a lot!


Bibi the bunny is Sintra's unwanted friend

And of course, Human has also tried to introduce me to one of new stuffed animals she bought for me. “Come on and play with Bibi the bunny.”, Human insisted. I was like, “No way. It is just my unwanted friend. I don’t know it and I don’t want to get to know it”.


Sintra the cat's ginger family

I do not like Sumatra the tiger, Nina the orang utan or Mimi the monkey very much either but well, they are all gingers. So, I like to hang around with them sometimes. They are also so very fluffy, so it is so cosy to take a nap with them.


Sintra the cat loves his new bling

So, Human kept bragging about new pet ID tags that she ordered from AliExpress for me a few week ago. And then, a small package arrived. Well, perhaps Human was right about bragging. I actually started to like my blue tag after all. I have got in eight different colors and each of them shines like a new bling!


Sintra the cat does not want to share his iPad

“Don’t touch my iPad, Momma. Get your own iPad!”, I said to Human when she insisted on using my iPad. I mean, seriously, I don’t like to share stuff with Human because what’s mine is mine, okay?

Well, it is Friday and I have got some wonderful Friday feelings. So, Human and I wish you all a wonderful weekend and enjoy the springtime!


Sintra The Cat

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