I hate Mondays, especially during and after the holidays

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Oh no, not Monday again. I hate Mondays, especially during and after the holidays. Human doesn’t seem to mind about working on Mondays though. She is now just working at her home office as she usually does. Reading some emails and ecards with human #kittenatwork #workingkitten #gingerkitten #longhairedkitten #sleepykitten #cutekitten … [Read more … ]

I fall asleep easier when I am at work

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I love helping human at work. I also love typing on the keyboard, listening to music on Spotify and watching Cole & Marmalade or Maru on YouTube during a tea break. But, after a short while I cannot help falling asleep. It doesn’t really matter whether it’s Monday or Tuesday. … [Read more … ]

Trying so hard to focus at work and avoid distractions

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  Oh no! It is sometimes, often, always hard for me to focus at work. At least I am trying and trying and trying. But there are so many distractions to avoid, like: … my own paws to lick … my human to chew on … my computer’s screen to stare at … [Read more … ]

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