Taking selfies with human is even more fun
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I told you earlier that taking selfies was fun, right? Well, it still is. It turns out that taking selfies … >>

How to keep a cat busy using a meal dispensing cat toy
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Human’s got me a Petsafe SlimCat Meal Dispensing Cat Toy, which I call, magic ball. At first, I didn’t know … >>

Sintra: Taking selfies is fun!
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Do you know what? Taking selfies is fun. Just turn the camera on, aim it to your face and hit … >>

Sintra loves giving human lots of kisses
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You know how it works. You have to give in order to get. So, I give human lots of kisses and … >>

No! Don’t vine me when I am being naughty
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No! Please, Human. Please don’t vine me when I am being naughty. Too late, she already published it on Vine. … >>

Napping is a hard job, you know?
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Life is good. Life is playing. Life is napping. But napping is a hard job, you know? Coz you’ll get … >>

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