How to keep your indoor cat active, motivated and happy

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Being an indoor cat myself, I know firsthand that it has not always been easy to be motivated, active and happy when your whole universe is just as small as your apartment, which you’ll have to share with your own Human. But, with some adjustments and improvements, there is absolutely … [Read more … ]

How to repair a scratching post like a real pro

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Scratch, scratch, scratch. We, cats love and need to scratch. It is one of natural, instinctive things – not a naughtiness – that cats do. Human got me my own cat tree as present for my first birthday in august, last year. I love it very much, especially because my … [Read more … ]

I love unboxing my brand new Trixie Cushy Cave Minou Cat Bed

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Yes. My brand new Trixie Cushy Cave Minou Cat Bed has finally arrived and I am now going to mark it as “checked” on Sintra’s Wishlist. I was very excited when human told me that I was allowed to unbox it right away. I always love, love unboxing boxes. So, here we … [Read more … ]

Sintra’s Wishlist: Fun holiday gift ideas for your cat (and dog)

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Who loves to receive gifts and treats? I do. I do. Yes, I certainly love gifts and other treats. With the holidays are fast approaching, there are a lot of things that I am absolutely looking forward to. I have got my own wishlist – well, Human made one for … [Read more … ]

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