Human says that cats love cycling very much. I don’t! I really don’t!
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“I really hope that I’ll feel a little bit better tomorrow …” said Human suddenly. And I was like, “I … >>

Sintra’s weekend activities: Catching the rat and the springtime
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Human and I were planning to do some outdoor activities last weekend. Human wanted to show me how to ride … >>

Keep on playing and before you know, we’ll have our Springtime
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The other day I was just meowing and yowling to Human and she was like,”What is wrong? What do you … >>

Disturbance is NOT allowed. I need to focus on the Spring buds
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  Wow, I love Spring very much. There are so much to enjoy like the sun, the warmth and the … >>

Love to smell the springtime on the balcony
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OMG! I love springtime very much. Not only because it is warm and sunny, but also I am actually allowed … >>

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