Human always says that you gotta love your best friend

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Human introduced me to Snoopy the kitten and Rusty the rat the day I arrived at Human’s house, which is now my forever, loving home. They are stuffed animals but they are also my besties. I love them both equally. I love to play and take naps together with them. … [Read more … ]

I don’t think that Camila The Camel and I are going to be besties

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Last weekend, Human got me a camel and we named her, Camila. Camila The Camel is a very tall, huge and odd looking creature. I didn’t even know that camels existed.   Anyways, … Human said that I could play with, sit on and scratch Camila. Great! But the thing … [Read more … ]

Snoopy, please stop crying, stop crying, stop crying

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Have I told you that Human often calls me “Mama’s Boy?” She also calls me “Cry Baby” because I cry and cry if and when I am hungry. It happens a lot because I am hungry all the time 🙂 It doesn’t mean that I am a cry baby, does … [Read more … ]

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