How to keep your indoor cat active, motivated and happy
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Being an indoor cat myself, I know firsthand that it has not always been easy to be motivated, active and … >>

How to repair a scratching post like a real pro
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Scratch, scratch, scratch. We, cats love and need to scratch. It is one of natural, instinctive things – not a … >>

Sintra’s Wishlist: Fun holiday gift ideas for your cat (and dog)
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Who loves to receive gifts and treats? I do. I do. Yes, I certainly love gifts and other treats. With … >>

Sintra The Cat’s very first Birthday: The day I found out I was afraid of my birthday candles
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I know that this blog post is waaaayyyyy overdue. Don’t blame me, blame Human for being a waaaayyyyy slow ghost … >>

I don’t think that Camila The Camel and I are going to be besties
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Last weekend, Human got me a camel and we named her, Camila. Camila The Camel is a very tall, huge … >>

I am growing up. I am becoming a big boy!
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So, you all know that I love cuddling and snuggling with Human. But something has obviously changed and I am … >>

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