Week in Pictures: An unwanted friend, nosy Human and a new bling

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It has been awhile since Human I posted my last blog post. It has been a long, busy week for me with a lots of new events and adventures. First of, have I told you how I love playing game for cats on my iPad? I have, haven’t I? Well, … [Read more … ]

Sintra’s weekend activities: Catching the rat and the springtime

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Human and I were planning to do some outdoor activities last weekend. Human wanted to show me how to ride on the front side of her bicycle. Well, I have ridden on her bicycle before – on the rear side of her bicycle, inside my backpack – to be precise. … [Read more … ]

Keep on playing and before you know, we’ll have our Springtime

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The other day I was just meowing and yowling to Human and she was like,”What is wrong? What do you want?” So, I meowed and yowled even harder but Human didn’t understand me. And then, Human said things like,”You know that it’s raining again and you won’t be able to … [Read more … ]

Who says that being an active, indoor cat is an easy thing to do?

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It is not an easy thing to being an active, indoor cat such like myself. There are simply so much to do at home. For instance, I have to poop and pee properly on my Litter Kwitter. I have to take a good care of my pet, Chikie the goldfish. … [Read more … ]

How to unbox and build CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit with Human

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Human got me this CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit back in March 2015, about 3 weeks after I got neutered. As Human said, “It is my gift for you for being encredibly sweet during the fix”. Yeah, whatever! I don’t want to talk about the neutering right now. Anyways, … [Read more … ]

No peekaboo: I was simply being naughty and got busted

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I love playing, sleeping and hiding in Human’s bedroom. Human’s bed is big (a lot bigger than mine), soft, cozy and great for jumping around. Human is fine with it “as long as you do the jumping on the bedspread, not underneath it”, she keeps reminding me.   Human has … [Read more … ]

Chikie has been recovering very well and smells particularly yummy

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Have I told you that I have had four goldfish as pets? Well, I used to have four goldfish but now, I have had only one goldfish left, named Chikie. I (well, Human did it for me) took a good care of them but they somehow kept on falling ill … [Read more … ]

Look at me, I am the King of Human’s closet!

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Humans always asks me every morning what I am going to do. “Sintra, what are you going to do today? Playing football? Playing with Snoopy? Hanging out on the balcony or what?” Human asked. Well, all of them. I know that I love high places but some of them are … [Read more … ]

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