Who says that being an active, indoor cat is an easy thing to do?

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It is not an easy thing to being an active, indoor cat such like myself. There are simply so much to do at home. For instance, I have to poop and pee properly on my Litter Kwitter. I have to take a good care of my pet, Chikie the goldfish. … [Read more … ]

Cat Toilet Training: How to use the Amber Training Disc without cat litter

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[WARNING this blog post contains cat’s poop] This update is long overdue because obviously it has been months and months since I updated it. Don’t blame me, blame Human for being oh so lazy and kept on delaying 🙂 So, without further due, let’s continue with my cat toilet training … [Read more … ]

Fifth Week of Toilet Training: How to reposition yourself over the hole

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[WARNING this blog post contains cat’s poop] The purpose of the fifth week of my toilet training was to aim for the hole of the Amber Training Disc. Unfortunately, it was so much easier said than done. In fact, I kept on aiming for the bamboo litter instead of the … [Read more … ]

Fourth Week of Toilet Training: How to get used to the big hole

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One week has passed since my last toilet training’s update. I have been using the Amber Training Disc of the Litter Kwitter Toilet training System ever since. I am also fine using a Bamboo Cat Litter (similar to Feline Pine Original Cat Litter) in the Amber Training Disc. Human says that … [Read more … ]

Third Week of Toilet Training: How to switch to another cat toilet training kit

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As I mentioned in the previous blog post about my second week of the toilet training, Human considered getting me another cat toilet training kit. Well, she did not take a long time considering it and got me a Cat Toilet Training System By Litter Kwitter with Instructional DVD. The Litter Kwitter Toilet … [Read more … ]

Second Week of Toilet Training: How to return to the previous step

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Well, my second week of the toilet training did not go as well as my first week. There were lots of distractions and difficulties, which I was not able to overcome. First of all, the bamboo litter was eco-friendly and flushable but it was also very distracting. I found myself … [Read more … ]

First Week of Toilet Training: How to get used to the kit

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My CitiKitty Cat Toilet Training Kit arrived a few days ago. So, it is my first week of the toilet training and I have been getting used to the kit quite well. I just wanted to let you know that I am already used to Human’s toilet and its surrounding because she placed … [Read more … ]

How to keep your cat’s litter box fresh and odorless

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There is no doubt that I am the cutest among all other kittens in the whole world. Human says so. And like other kittens and cats, I pee and poop too. Sometimes I pee and poop as much and often as I drink and eat. That is 24/7!   Human often calls me … [Read more … ]

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