Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should!

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At first Human thought that tracking me using some kind of GPS or bluetooth pet tracker was a tiny bit exaggerated and unnecessary. You see, I am a microchipped cat, and I wear a collar with my own personalized ID tag. Not to mention that most of those GPS pet … [Read more … ]

Testing a Didog’s front range adventure harness for serious outdoor activities

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I am a typical indoor cat and I love being in and around my house 24/7. So, I love everything about my home, my windows, my windowsills, my balcony and above all, my kitchen. Nevertheless, I have also learnt to go outside with Human and to enjoy going to the … [Read more … ]

Human says that cats love cycling very much. I don’t! I really don’t!

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“I really hope that I’ll feel a little bit better tomorrow …” said Human suddenly. And I was like, “I hope so too but what is about tomorrow, Momma?” “I told you already that we’re going on an adventure by bicycle and you’re coming with us.” Human explained. “Me? Cycling? … [Read more … ]

Love watching traffic through open windows

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Have I told you that Human takes me outside in my own city backpack on regular basis? She does and I love it because I am able to experience the outdoors, check out people and watch traffic.   I love watching traffic when I am inside as well. Lucky me … [Read more … ]

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