My New Year’s Resolutions that I definitely intend to break

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Well, I have to be honest that I quite like the holidays. First of, there’re Christmas presents to look forward to. And then of course, lots and lots of “cozy and together time” with Human. Finally, the dinner time with some of our friends and relatives. I mean, I hate … [Read more … ]

So, I guess I love our small holiday gathering after all

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Human was very unwell and she did not up for traveling during the last christmas and holiday season. So, Human decided to invite some of our relatives to have a small holiday gathering at our home. Before our relatives arrived, Human kept reminding me that I had behave well in front … [Read more … ]

Happy New Year 2015: My New Year’s resolutions

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Human and I just wanted to wish you all the best in 2015. One of human’s resolutions is to toilet train me and I wish her good luck with that 🙂 I, myself, have lots of New Year’s resolutions, which include drinking more milk, eating more snacks and other treats, … [Read more … ]

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