My New Year’s Resolutions that I definitely intend to break
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Well, I have to be honest that I quite like the holidays. First of, there’re Christmas presents to look forward … >>

My obsession with beating the crap out of the goldfish keeps getting worse
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So, my obsession with Chikie (my goldfish) just keeps getting worse and worse. I simply cannot help beating the crap … >>

Don’t wanna to be mean. I just want to beat the crap out of the goldfish
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These are boring words that I am constantly hearing from Human everytime I look at my goldfish, Chikie. “Be nice … >>

No peekaboo: I was simply being naughty and got busted
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I love playing, sleeping and hiding in Human’s bedroom. Human’s bed is big (a lot bigger than mine), soft, cozy … >>

The things that I do to cheer my Human up
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Human has been feeling under the weather and needs to rest a lot. And as a loving pet, it is … >>

No! Don’t vine me when I am being naughty
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No! Please, Human. Please don’t vine me when I am being naughty. Too late, she already published it on Vine. … >>

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