Human says that cats love cycling very much. I don’t! I really don’t!
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“I really hope that I’ll feel a little bit better tomorrow …” said Human suddenly. And I was like, “I … >>

Sintra’s Wishlist: Fun holiday gift ideas for your cat (and dog)
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Who loves to receive gifts and treats? I do. I do. Yes, I certainly love gifts and other treats. With … >>

Love watching traffic through open windows
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Have I told you that Human takes me outside in my own city backpack on regular basis? She does and … >>

Fashion Pet: What to wear when it is snowing outside
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It has been a while since Human brought me along to the Saturday’s market. So, I was looking forward to … >>

We are going to vet for my second vaccination
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A week ago last Friday was just normal day. It was, until my human put me in my Karlie Smart … >>

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