How to prepare your cat for neutering or spaying
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Okay, this is a way long-overdue blog post but Human said that we should post it anyway because neutering or … >>

How to keep your indoor cat active, motivated and happy
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Being an indoor cat myself, I know firsthand that it has not always been easy to be motivated, active and … >>

How to make frozen tuna cubes for your cat’s summer treats
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Summer, summer, summertime. I love the summertime. Sunbathing on my balcony is one of my favorite summer’s activities. However, Human … >>

How to repair a scratching post like a real pro
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Scratch, scratch, scratch. We, cats love and need to scratch. It is one of natural, instinctive things – not a … >>

How to unbox and build CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit with Human
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Human got me this CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit back in March 2015, about 3 weeks after I got … >>

Cat Toilet Training: How to use the Amber Training Disc without cat litter
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[WARNING this blog post contains cat’s poop] This update is long overdue because obviously it has been months and months … >>

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