How to keep your indoor cat active, motivated and happy

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Being an indoor cat myself, I know firsthand that it has not always been easy to be motivated, active and happy when your whole universe is just as small as your apartment, which you’ll have to share with your own Human. But, with some adjustments and improvements, there is absolutely … [Read more … ]

How to make frozen tuna cubes for your cat’s summer treats

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Summer, summer, summertime. I love the summertime. Sunbathing on my balcony is one of my favorite summer’s activities. However, Human says that it is vital to keep myself cool and healthy during the summer. Having access to safe, fresh drinking water 24/7 is a MUST to stay hydrated. Of course, … [Read more … ]

How to repair a scratching post like a real pro

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Scratch, scratch, scratch. We, cats love and need to scratch. It is one of natural, instinctive things – not a naughtiness – that cats do. Human got me my own cat tree as present for my first birthday in august, last year. I love it very much, especially because my … [Read more … ]

How to unbox and build CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit with Human

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Human got me this CatIt Design Senses Super Roller Circuit back in March 2015, about 3 weeks after I got neutered. As Human said, “It is my gift for you for being encredibly sweet during the fix”. Yeah, whatever! I don’t want to talk about the neutering right now. Anyways, … [Read more … ]

Cat Toilet Training: How to use the Amber Training Disc without cat litter

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[WARNING this blog post contains cat’s poop] This update is long overdue because obviously it has been months and months since I updated it. Don’t blame me, blame Human for being oh so lazy and kept on delaying 🙂 So, without further due, let’s continue with my cat toilet training … [Read more … ]

How to train your cats to sleep in their cat bed

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This blog post is a long-overdue blog post because it has also taken a long few months for me to finally feel comfortable sleeping in my own cat bed. Back in december 2014, Human got me a cat bed for my very first New Year’s celebration. I was absolutely curious … [Read more … ]

Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat’s food

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I love food. A lot of cat’s food. It doesn’t matter whether is wet (canned) or dry food. I love them both just as much. Humans has been feeding me a mix of both wet and dry food since the day I arrived at our my house. However, cat’s food … [Read more … ]

Human does it: How to make natural flea and tick spray for cats

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One week after I turned 3-month-old, Human and I went to the vet for my second vaccination. Right after my vaccination, the vet advised Human to use a monthly “commercial” flea prevention & treatment for cats. When we got home, Human applied it on me. It worked fine but Human complained about … [Read more … ]

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