Sintra The Cat’s very first Birthday: The day I found out I was afraid of my birthday candles

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I know that this blog post is waaaayyyyy overdue. Don’t blame me, blame Human for being a waaaayyyyy slow ghost blogger. Shame on her, right? 🙂 Anyway, as planned Human came home from work right on time that day. She got everything ready for my birthday: my birthday present (of … [Read more … ]

Sintra The Cat’s very first Birthday: The day I became a cat

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“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, my Little Boy! Happy Birthday to you!” that was the song Human sang this early morning when I woke her up. Today is my very first birthday and it is so exciting because Human says that it is also the … [Read more … ]

I am growing up. I am becoming a big boy!

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So, you all know that I love cuddling and snuggling with Human. But something has obviously changed and I am not sure what and why. Like …. I have noticed that Human’s lap is becoming smaller and smaller. Somehow, her lap doesn’t fit my whole body anymore. Maybe, she’s losing weight or … [Read more … ]

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