The goldfish is dead and I will miss it after all
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I loved to watch my goldfish named Chikie swimming around in its little fish task. I loved to stick my … >>

My obsession with beating the crap out of the goldfish keeps getting worse
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So, my obsession with Chikie (my goldfish) just keeps getting worse and worse. I simply cannot help beating the crap … >>

Don’t wanna to be mean. I just want to beat the crap out of the goldfish
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These are boring words that I am constantly hearing from Human everytime I look at my goldfish, Chikie. “Be nice … >>

Chikie has been recovering very well and smells particularly yummy
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Have I told you that I have had four goldfish as pets? Well, I used to have four goldfish but … >>

It is double pleasure to drink water from the fish tank
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  Well, of course I have my own water bowls with daily fresh water. Two of them in fact – … >>

Why do we have to clean the goldfish if I could just eat them?
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There’s absolutely no doubt that I am Human’s one and only favorite. So, the other day when I said that … >>

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