Healthy vegetables and fruits that your cat can safely eat
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I LOVE food. I LOVE eating. I could eat whole day long if I were allowed to. (Un)fortunately, Human is … >>

Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat’s food
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I love food. A lot of cat’s food. It doesn’t matter whether is wet (canned) or dry food. I love … >>

First introduction to boiled broccoli pieces
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Eating enough veggies is good for you. Well, for human in general to be precise because there are some human … >>

Does love really make the world go around?
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I have no idea what Valentine’s Day is and why it is related to love. In fact, I don’t even … >>

Go get some more food for us, right?
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You know what? We hated it when human caught us foraging for some scraps of food. What was she doing … >>

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