Fashion Pet: A downside of being this drop dead gorgeous

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Nope, I am not saying that I love having my picture taken or anything. I am just saying that I don’t hate it. In fact, I kind of like it because Human always rewards me for it with some yummy treats.   You’ll be stupid to say NO to treats, … [Read more … ]

Fashion Pet: What to wear when it is snowing outside

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It has been a while since Human brought me along to the Saturday’s market. So, I was looking forward to go along with Human in my Karlie Smart Trolley City last saturday. But it was snowing and the temperature was about 3 – 4 below zero. It was so cold and … [Read more … ]

Fashion Pet: Blue and pink hoodie keeps Sintra warm and comfy

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It is winter all right. I feel the cold in my bones. Human says that we’ll have to keep ourselves warm and comfy during the winter season.   So, she bought me some winter’s clothes in different colors and styles. I don’t know anything about fashion but I do know … [Read more … ]

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