Healthy vegetables and fruits that your cat can safely eat

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I LOVE food. I LOVE eating. I could eat whole day long if I were allowed to. (Un)fortunately, Human is quite strict when it comes to feeding me. I only get my own cat food, which contains 3 times of wet food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and some dry … [Read more … ]

Tips and benefits of using an automatic feeder for your cat

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In November last year, Human bought me this thing called, PetSafe Pet Feeder. I thought it was just another electronic toy, which I would get bored of within 15 – 30 minutes. And then, Human unpacked it, read its manual, placed four D-cell batteries inside it, set its digital clock, … [Read more … ]

Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat’s food

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I love food. A lot of cat’s food. It doesn’t matter whether is wet (canned) or dry food. I love them both just as much. Humans has been feeding me a mix of both wet and dry food since the day I arrived at our my house. However, cat’s food … [Read more … ]

First introduction to boiled broccoli pieces

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Eating enough veggies is good for you. Well, for human in general to be precise because there are some human veggies that are not good – poisonous even, for cats. Human has read a lot of information about veggies for cats. Human says that eating a small amount of broccoli … [Read more … ]

Human does it: How to grow cat grass from seed

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[Updated: January 23rd, 2015] Frankly, I have never seen cat grass before, let alone tasted it. However, Human knows from her previous cats that cats love cat grass. Cat grass is obviously known to be very delicious, natural, nutritious and easy to grow. Well, as long as it is edible, … [Read more … ]

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