My obsession with beating the crap out of the goldfish keeps getting worse
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So, my obsession with Chikie (my goldfish) just keeps getting worse and worse. I simply cannot help beating the crap … >>

Don’t wanna to be mean. I just want to beat the crap out of the goldfish
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These are boring words that I am constantly hearing from Human everytime I look at my goldfish, Chikie. “Be nice … >>

No peekaboo: I was simply being naughty and got busted
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I love playing, sleeping and hiding in Human’s bedroom. Human’s bed is big (a lot bigger than mine), soft, cozy … >>

How to frighten Human while napping
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  Like other cats, I love to take naps but my eyes can pop open at the slightest touch and … >>

An unknown ginger kitten knocks over Human’s Aloe Vera
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Human must have dreamt something really really scary last night because instead of saying “Good morning, my dearest Sintra. What would … >>

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