Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should!

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Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should using Tile Mate

At first Human thought that tracking me using some kind of GPS or bluetooth pet tracker was a tiny bit exaggerated and unnecessary. You see, I am a microchipped cat, and I wear a collar with my own personalized ID tag. Not to mention that most of those GPS pet trackers are ridiculously expensive. It’s true.

Most of all, I am an indoor cat by my own choice. I have had a terrifying experience when I was a stray kitten wandering on the streets, alone without mom. I am huge now but I am still terrified of the outside world, and I hate going outside without Human. So, a chance of me going outside of my own accord is zero point zero.

But, Human also said that we really should do some more fun outdoor activities together, and getting me a nice, little tracker like a tile mate was not a bad idea at all. So, Human did and she will let me wear it as soon as the weather improves.


Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should using Tile Mate

Last Monday was like any other day. I woke Human up at 06.00, she opened all windows to let some fresh air in, and served my breakfast about 10 minutes later. About 5 minutes afterward, Human was busy doing her morning routines, and then about 20 minutes later she realized that I was gone!

Human started to look for me and call my name. No answer. Human checked small spaces in our house because I usually hide myself in there and fall asleep. Still no response. Human was terrified that I would jump out the window and run after the birds, or accidentally fall off the window – as it happened before.


Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should using Tile Mate

However, there was no trace of me at all. I was not meowing outside. In fact, I was nowhere to be found. I was just gone. Disappeared. Human started to cry and call out my name frantically louder. After about 15 minutes looking, she decided to look for me at our neighbour’s balconies through our own balcony.

As Human opened the balcony’s door, I jumped at her because I was sitting and waiting for her on the balcony all along! Nobody knew what actually happened. Either I jumped out or fell off the window, I must have jumped back to the balcony – it was the most logical scenario about how I ended up sitting on the balcony.


Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should using Tile Mate

Human decided not to wait for the weather to improve – she activated the tile mate and let me wear it right after my “disappearing act” instead. Human can now track me and ring the tile mate whenever I am out of sight. It violates my privacy as an indoor cat but it also reassures Human and prevents her from having a sudden heart attack of losing me.

So, if you are not sure whether you should track your indoor cat, then the answer is yes, you should. Because even your indoor cat is microchipped and wear an ID tag, she/he can always disappear – deliberately or accidentally – leaving you with a heart attack or a broken heart.

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