Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat’s food

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Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat's food

I love food. A lot of cat’s food. It doesn’t matter whether is wet (canned) or dry food. I love them both just as much. Humans has been feeding me a mix of both wet and dry food since the day I arrived at our my house.

However, cat’s food are not cheap – at least not those that I love to eat, and I don’t have any money to buy them. Fortunately, I can always rally on Human and she always says that we must never pay full price for anything, my cat’s food included.


Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat food

Please keep in mind that buying the cheapest cat’s food is not always the best option. The same goes to buying the most expensive or luxurious cat’s food with all the bells and whistles that your cat (or any other cat for that matter) doesn’t actually need.

The best option is simply taking a minute of your time to compare nutritional labels on those cat’s food packages. Paying a penny more for better cat’s food could result in healthier cats. Perhaps, you will also save your vet’s bills in the future.

So, how to save a lot of money on your cat’s food? Read on and you’ll find out how my Human does it in the following tips:


Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat food

1. Make a list of your cat’s favorite brands

Cats are generally picky eaters. One loves X and the other loves Y or perhaps both X and Y. So, it’s important to know what your cat’s favorite brands are. For instance, I love all of cat’s food, including milk and treats that are manufactured by Whiskas, Felix and Kitekat. I don’t care so much about cat’s food from other brands.


2. Check your local supermarket

Once you know your cat’s favorite brands, you can start to check for coupons and deals at your local supermarket. Some supermarkets have had an app that you can download onto your smartphone so, you’ll get a notification whenever they’re offering coupons and deals on your cat’s favorite brands.


Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat food

3. Check your local pet stores

Check also your local pet stores to get deals and other perks from your cat’s favorite brands. I got a free Whiskas’s bowl that I use everyday for buying 3 packages of cat’s food that were already on sale. Talking about double deals!


4. Follow brands and pet stores on social media

Most of brands and pet stores – if not all, are on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. They usually offer coupons, deals and giveaways on social media. So, follow them and be interactive with them to get their coupons, deals and other perks.


Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat food

5. Subscribe to their newsletters

My Whiskas Kitten package with tasty surprises and coupons will arrive any moment because Human has subscribed to Whiskas’s newsletter. So, you can also subscribe to newsletters of your cat’s favorite brands and pets stores to get (early) access to their coupons and deals.


6. Ask your vet for food samples and coupons

It might sound weird but the fact is that food manufacturers send your vet a lot of food samples and coupons.

Please note that those “cat’s food recommended by vets” are usually more expensive than some of “commercial” cat’s food.

So, ask for samples, your cat might love them as treat. And ask for coupons if you’ld decide to feed your cat with those “cat’s food recommended by vets”.


Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat food

7. Cook your own cat’s food

Cooking your own cat’s food could save on both human’s and cat’s food. Human has cooked me some homemade cat’s food once or twice. I love those homemade cat’s food but Human is just too lazy to cook for me everyday 🙂 Anyways, look for affordable, easy and healthy recipes on the internet, and you’ll be surprised how much money you can actually save.


8. Set up a FREE Automatic Delivery

Setting up your FREE Automatic Delivery using Subscribe & Save on Amazon is very easy and offers you so many benefits:

  • You will get a immense selection of cat’s food that you can choose from.
  • You will save money up to 15% on your cat’s food.
  • You don’t have to run low – or out of your cat’s food.
  • You can change your schedule, skip delivery or cancel your subscription at anytime.


Human does it: How to save a lot of money on cat food

9. Always buy in bulk

Once you have had those coupons and deals, and set up your FREE Automatic Delivery, buy those cat’s food in bulk. Always. Bulk buying is always a lot cheaper than buying per item. Cat’s food have a long shelf life so, you don’t have to be worried about storing them in your pantry.


10. Try to ALWAYS buy online

Please keep in mind that cat’s food packagings are usually heavy, bulky and awkward. So, try to always buy your cat’s food online. Lots of online retailers offer free shipping after a certain amount of items (bulk buying is the right keyword). So, not only are they shipped for free, but you can also prevent your back from breaking.


Now, it is your turn. What is favorite brands? Do you prefer bulk buying or per item? How do you save money on cat’s food? Share your story and comment in the comment section below. Thank you.

Bonus tips:

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