Human and I have moved and we are back on the blog

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Sintra The Cat under the weather

Just for your information that Human and I have moved to another house. And we love our my new home very much. We really do.

However …

Despite much of careful planning and preparations before the moving, I was stressed out, which resulted in me catching a very wicked fever and having a weird black spot under my nose.

Sintra The Cat under the weather

So, Human brought me to the vet and she gave Human some advices and medication for me. Not fun. Not fun at all!!!

Today, almost two weeks later, I have been feeling so much better. I dare say that I am as healthy as I used to be. Human and I still have had so much to do with unpacking, decorating and so on, but we are back on the blog. At least, we try to 🙂

Human and I missed you!


Sintra The Cat

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