How to train your cats to sleep in their cat bed

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How to train your cats to sleep in their cat bed

This blog post is a long-overdue blog post because it has also taken a long few months for me to finally feel comfortable sleeping in my own cat bed.

Back in december 2014, Human got me a cat bed for my very first New Year’s celebration. I was absolutely curious about unboxing it. I really was.

I liked the big wrapping box and the hanging price tag because it was fun playing with them. Other than that, I really didn’t know what to do with the bed.


How to train your cats to sleep in their cat bed

I was like, “What is up with the pink color, Human?”

“What is wrong with that?”, Human asked me back.

I answered, “I thought that I was supposed to wear blue and other cool colors because I am a boy?”

“Well, yes but you love the pink color as well. In fact, you are wearing your favorite pink t-shirt, aren’t you?” Human added.

Yeah, Human got me there as she always does. I really do like the pink color and other cute colors. But, anyways, lets continue with the cat bed.

The bed was brand new and was smelling like chemicals! I couldn’t stay inside the cat bed longer than 1 minute, let alone nap or sleep in it. No way!

So, I kept on sleeping in my own version of bed, Human’s laundry basket. I loved sleeping in it because it smelled like Human and was so cozy.

However, before I knew, I actually started to sleep in the cat bed. And I have been sleeping in it for almost two months and I love it very much.


How to train your cats to sleep in their cat bed

So, the following steps are how Human trained me to sleep in my own cat bed and loving it. I even enjoy the pink color 🙂

  1. Human lets me sniff the cat bed from the day it was delivered. Letting me sniff the cat bed allows me to get familiar with it.
  2. Human washes the cat bed to get rid of the chemical odors. So, it is better to purchase a washable cat bed because not only you can get rid of chemical odors before first use but also wash away your cat hair when needed.
  3. Human places the cat bed near the laundry basket in our my bathroom. The bathroom is my favorite place to sleep at night because it is quiet, cool and comfy.
  4. Human puts my toys and some treats inside the cat bed. Although, I was at that point not ready to sleep in it, I was happy to play with my toys and enjoy my treats inside my cat bed.
  5. Human replaces the laundry basket with the one that has its matching lid. It is a very important part of my bed trying because it somehow forces me gently to sleep inside the cat bed instead of the laundry basket.
  6. Human lets me decide to sleep inside my cat bed or on the floor. In the end, I always choose to sleep in my cat bed because it is softer and comfy, and most of all, because I am already get used to it.

Check out my YouTube video below about me unboxing and sniffing my own pink cat bed.


So, it took me almost 3,5 months to get familiar with my cat bed and to actually sleep in it. Your cats might need some more time to get familiar with. Just be patient and let them decide when they are ready to sleep in their own cat bed.

Your questions and comments are welcome in the comment section below. Thank you and keep in touch!

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