Disturbance is NOT allowed. I need to focus on the Spring buds

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Wow, I love Spring very much. There are so much to enjoy like the sun, the warmth and the balcony, where I am allowed to hang out on in the afternoons.

However, there are also lots of Spring bugs and other insects to focus on. I am not allowed to go after them on the balcony because I might jump off accidentally.

So, whatever …

I do still have my windowsill to sit on though. I can see the bugs and insects through the windows without jumping off the balcony.

Let me tell you that they are so small and cute and tempting. So, any disturbance is NOT allowed because I need to focus on those Spring buds.

Check out my eyes at the end of my YouTube video when I told Human with my eyes that she had to stop disturbing me with her camera 🙂

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