My random freaky faces to freak the Humans out
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I am my Human’s boy. I look cute. I am cute. Human says so. Always. But. But. But there are … >>

Should you track your indoor cat? Oh yes, you should!
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At first Human thought that tracking me using some kind of GPS or bluetooth pet tracker was a tiny bit … >>

Best videos to keep your cat entertained during the winter months
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As an indoor cat I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to entertaining myself. I have, after all, had … >>

Tips and benefits of using an automatic feeder for your cat
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In November last year, Human bought me this thing called, PetSafe Pet Feeder. I thought it was just another electronic … >>

How to keep your indoor cat active, motivated and happy
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Being an indoor cat myself, I know firsthand that it has not always been easy to be motivated, active and … >>

The goldfish is dead and I will miss it after all
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I loved to watch my goldfish named Chikie swimming around in its little fish task. I loved to stick my … >>

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