Hello, my name is Sintra

I was born on August 28th, 2014, and named after the most beautiful town in Portugal, Sintra. I am obviously a very sweet ginger cat — in fact, Human always says that I am the cutest cat on the planet. I love sweet corn, laser pointers, and cycling (with Human).

I was a stray kitten wandering on the streets without mom when someone found and brought me to our local animal shelter. I stayed with my foster family for a few weeks until I was ready to be adopted. Living with my foster family was great but I was looking for my loving forever family with lots of TLC’s and treats.

Now, I am the proud owner of a human called Mamaw a.k.a. Momma or Human or Food (some of you may remember her as Lia Belle, blogger at liabelle.me). I have also had 3 fake goldfish, named Chiky, Chika and Chiko.

Human often calls me, “Mama’s Boy” but I am not. I just love to cuddle and snuggle with her as often as possible. She has a lot to learn about being my Human, and it is my job to make sure that she learns to serve me properly. After all, it is her job, right? 🙂 But, enough about her and let’s continue talking about me.

In addition to teaching Human how to serve me properly, my daily activities include eating, meowing for snacks, playing, sleeping, pooping, cuddling, snuggling, following Human, being naughty, fighting with my besties, Snoopy and Rusty (Human calls them “Stuffed Animals”), and of course napping and pooping again!

Human and I have also quite a lot of neighbors like – not so cute – kitties, ugly looking dogs and other (weird) creatures. Somehow Human finds them sweet and cute too, but I am still and will always her sweetest and cutest cat of all!!!

Anyways, please sit tight and watch me doing my daily activities. Thank you.


Lia Belle (ghost blogger)

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