Best videos to keep your cat entertained during the winter months

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Best videos to keep your cat entertained during the winter months

As an indoor cat I have no complaints whatsoever when it comes to entertaining myself. I have, after all, had access to all of my windows – with wide window sills – so I can enjoy watching people, traffic and of course, my birds the whole day long.

Unfortunately, now that we are in the middle of Autumn, the weather is getting colder, and the winter time is fast approaching, I can barely see, let alone watch my birds anymore. They seem to keep on disappearing and I don’t know why.


Best videos to keep your cat entertained during the winter months

Human says that the birds usually migrate to warmer places somewhere in the world during the winter months, and they will be coming back once the weather improves. Well, I hope so because I certainly miss my birds, and I can’t wait for months to be able to watch them again from my very own cat’s TV.

In the meanwhile, Human has provided me with some interesting digital alternatives to my real life cat’s TV. All I need to do is sitting nicely and comfortably in front of my devices, and watch some digital birds until I fall asleep.

These are some of the best videos to keep your cats (and your dogs) entertained during the winter months:


Best videos to keep your cat entertained during the winter months


Your cats would love the because they can see and watch photos, films, and live cams of wild, feral, tame and domestic animals from all over the world. The live cams can sometimes get a little bit noisy but believe me, it is really worth watching.


2. Prime Video

If you happen to be a member of Amazon Prime, then your cats are in luck because they can watch Nature and Wildlife videos included with Prime. Just head to Nature and Wildlife’s category or simply look for Search, type keywords such as “birds”, “squirrels” etc, hit the Enter key, and enjoy.


3. Smithsonian Earth

Do your cats still hungry for more nature and wildlife videos? Go to Channels (previously known as Amazon Video Add-On Subscriptions) and check out Smithsonian Earth. With this channel your cats can watch nature and wildlife documenatries from around the world in high definition.


Best videos to keep your cat entertained during the winter months

4. Rent or Buy Amazon Video

Or have your cats got enough of nature and wildlife videos, at least for a little while? I love watching fantasy movies as well, such as Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings, The Hobbit etc. Why? Because those movies are packed with witches, wizards, hobbits, animals and imaginary creatures that fly, flutter and float like most birds do. You can rent or buy those fantasy movies on Amazon Video.


5. Free videos on YouTube

Of course watching videos doesn’t have to cost you anything. Your cats can always watch some birds and squirrels on YouTube for free, if they don’t mind watching ads as well πŸ™‚ Just type keywords like “bird video’s for cats” etc and let them enjoy their favorite videos. That is what I love to do during this winter months, until my real life birds come back home to my windows.

Check out my YouTube video below about me watching some birds and squirrels πŸ™‚


Tips from Human:

  • Want to watch nature and wildlife videos included with Prime? Start your 30-day Prime free trial from Amazon US, Amazon UK or Amazon DE.
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