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Testing a Didog’s front range adventure harness for serious outdoor activities

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I am a typical indoor cat and I love being in and around my house 24/7. So, I love everything about my home, my windows, my windowsills, my balcony and above all, my kitchen. Nevertheless, I have also learnt to go outside with Human and to enjoy going to the … [Read more … ]

How to make frozen tuna cubes for your cat’s summer treats

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Summer, summer, summertime. I love the summertime. Sunbathing on my balcony is one of my favorite summer’s activities. However, Human says that it is vital to keep myself cool and healthy during the summer. Having access to safe, fresh drinking water 24/7 is a MUST to stay hydrated. Of course, … [Read more … ]

The goldfish is dead and I will miss it after all

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I loved to watch my goldfish named Chikie swimming around in its little fish task. I loved to stick my paw in its little fish task so it would frantically try to hide itself behind its little hiding tunnel. And what I loved the most about my goldfish was beating … [Read more … ]

How to repair a scratching post like a real pro

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Scratch, scratch, scratch. We, cats love and need to scratch. It is one of natural, instinctive things – not a naughtiness – that cats do. Human got me my own cat tree as present for my first birthday in august, last year. I love it very much, especially because my … [Read more … ]

Week in Pictures: An unwanted friend, nosy Human and a new bling

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It has been awhile since Human I posted my last blog post. It has been a long, busy week for me with a lots of new events and adventures. First of, have I told you how I love playing game for cats on my iPad? I have, haven’t I? Well, … [Read more … ]

Human says that cats love cycling very much. I don’t! I really don’t!

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“I really hope that I’ll feel a little bit better tomorrow …” said Human suddenly. And I was like, “I hope so too but what is about tomorrow, Momma?” “I told you already that we’re going on an adventure by bicycle and you’re coming with us.” Human explained. “Me? Cycling? … [Read more … ]

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